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BR SOLAR-Solar street light


The road is the artery of the city. The main lighting is a street light, which is a lighting device that is set on the road to provide necessary visibility for the vehicle and pedestrians at night.  Garden lights, landscape lights and street lights form a three-dimensional lighting pattern, enhance the road decoration effect, beautify the city night scene, also Can make up for the lack of road light illumination. 

Solar street light 
This system uses sunlight as the energy source for daytime charging and night use. It eliminates the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying. It can freely adjust the layout of the lamps. Safe, energy-saving and non-polluting. The charging and on/off process uses intelligent control, automatic switching, and no manual operation. It is stable and reliable, saves electricity, and is maintenance-free. It is suitable for road lighting and decoration in public places such as residential quarters, villas, parks and squares.  It is durable, pleasing to the viewer, practical and integrated. 

We, BR SOLAR, treat customers as our God, concentrate on quality control.

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