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Solar street light pole protection measures


Protection measures for solar street light poles On the installed solar street lights, the solar street light poles are completely exposed to the outside. Therefore, in order to prevent it from being corroded, it is necessary to have certain protective measures.
So what kind of protective measures are beneficial to solar street light poles?
In the final analysis, the fatal injury of solar street light poles is surface corrosion, so what we have to do is to anti-oxidize the surface. Yangzhou Bright Solar Solutions CO.,LTD generally adopts the hot-dip galvanizing spray process, which is mainly used to improve the surface properties of metal parts, improve the wear resistance of the workpiece, resist the corrosion of special media, anti-oxidation, electrical insulation, etc. To effective surface decoration. The basic principle is to spray the nylon onto the surface of the pre-prepared workpiece under the heating and melting of the flame to produce the desired spray coating.

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